Australian Visa, Work, Live, Study, Migrate to Australia

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Australian Visa Types

Imagen profesionales y técnicos calificados RC Australia

Visa for skilled workers and technicians

Icono de lápiz, estudia en Australia

Visa to study

Estudia en Australia

Visa for graduates

Trabajar en Australia

Visa for companies and sponsored employees

Icono tipos de visa RC Australia

Visa for investors

Vive en Australia

Visa for tourism

Visa para pajeras, migra a Australia

Visa for spouses

Vivir en Australia

Visa for parents

Australian Visa, Work, Live, Study, Migrate to Australia


Asesoría integral migración Australiana

Migrate to Australia

Australia, rated with the best standards of quality of life, is one of the few countries with an open migration that attracts skilled workers and technicians from around the world to gran them residence. There is also migration for investors, entrepreneurs, partners, parents, Australian graduates, employees and employers, among others.

Let’s figure out your path to residence.

Estudia en Australia

Study in Australia

Australia is one of the favourite destinations to study abroad. It offers a diversity of degrees, institutions, course durations, prices, excellent financing options, and the possibility to work while you study. Furthermore, after you complete your education course you may have the possibility of applying for a graduate visa with full-time work rights, between 18 months and up to 4 years stay in the country and open migration possibilities. We will help you select the course that meets your needs and purposes, select the institution, apply for enrolment, apply for the visa as your migration agent and support in the initial steps at your arrival.

Live your Australian experience as a student.

Trabaja en Australia

Work in Australia

There are several options to work in Australia, like as a holder of a student visa, a graduate visa, a work and holiday visa, as an employee, and many more. In addition, the Australian and foreign companies can sponsor one of their employees to live and work in Australia in a temporary or permanent manner.

We will identify your path.

Our Service

Schedule your Australian Legal Migration Assessment (ALMA)

What you will get:

NOTE: Each Australian migration program or Project. Requires a financial investment according to the visa or process selected. No jobs are offered. Conditions and restrictions apply according to the law.

NOTA: El programa de migración calificada está diseñado para profesionales titulados menores de 44 años interesados en migrar solo o con su grupo familiar. Se requiere una inversión económica de acuerdo a la Visa o proceso elegido. No se ofrecen puestos laborales. Aplican condiciones y restricciones de ley.

Visa para trabajar y vivir en Australia

Who we are?

RC Australia, is a migration agency, with more than 12 years of experience processing all types of visas to Australia, advising people and companies from around the world through our offices inside and outside Australia (Onshore y Offshore).

We make a diagnostic and previous study of your case for an Australian Visa,

Australian Visa, work and live in Australia

And/or to define the type of visa that best suits your needs and the most viable path to achieve it, always acting in your best interest.

After defining the path to Migrate to Australia, as your migration agents and attorneys, we will legally represent you at the various stages of your project and the different entities involved during each step, acting on your behalf and lodging the application as adequately as possible.

What does RC Australia offer you?

Asesoría integral migración Australiana

Comprehensive Assessment for your Project

Your project will receive a comprehensive legal assessment in all fronts, according to your goals: education, migration, knowledge of the legislation for all kinds of visas, occupations validation, etc.

Asesoría personalizada visa Australiana

Personalized and Permanent Service

We are the first company to produce an internal structure thinking of your benefit and at your service. Your project will always have an assigned case manager, who will work with you and personally serve you on behalf of RC Australia.

trabajar en Australia atención personalizada

An Experienced Support Team

In RC AUSTRALIA you will not only find a migration agent, but the skills of an entire company and more than 25 professionals dedicated to achieve success in your process to obtain the Australian visa for you and your family.

Vivir en Australia asesoría personalizada

Global Coverage

Our offices in Latin America and Australia allow us to acquire experience, knowledge of both worlds, better approach to the Australian entities through their permanent trainings and a great opportunity for a direct contact, etc.

Served Clients
Assessed clients
Legally represented Clients
Students since 2019

Personalized Assessment

We study your circumstances under the migration legal framework, define the viability of your visa and design the best strategy for the success of your immigration objectives (Visas for Australia). This will allow you to plan your life project, be it Living in Australia, Studying and / or Working in Australia.

RC Australia migración

Our team

Direction and Legal Department – Migration Agents

Alexandra Cortés trabajar en Australia

Alexandra Cortés

Offshore Office Director
Juan Rincón

Juan Guillermo Rincón

Legal Director, Attorney – Migration Agent
MR- 0745660

James Menzies

Migration Agent
Jorge Robles Campos

Jorge Robles Campos

Migration Agent
MR- 1679990
Tomas Rincón

Tomás Rincón

Legal Advisor

Customer Service Team

Lina Briñez

Lina Briñez

Customer Service Manager
Esperanza Salas

Esperanza Salas

Welcome Officer
Ericka Gonzalz

Ericka González

Offshore Commercial Advisor
Gilberto León

Gilberto León

Offshore Commercial Advisor
Deyanira Vega

Deyanira Vega

Offshore Commercial Advisor

Case Managers

Viviana Parra

Viviana Parra

Javier Cifuentes

Javier Cifuentes

Study Department


Andrés Godoy

Asesor de estudios
Briyit Perdigon

Briyit Perdigón

Aplicaciones offshore
Elda Peña conoce Australia

Elda Peña

Aplicaciones offshore
Nancy Puerto

Nancy Puerto

Asesora de estudios

Marketing and Administration

Katherine Martínez

katherine Martínez

Coordinadora de mercadeo, eventos y convenios
Marcela Hernández

Marcela Hernandez

Coordinadora administrativa y financiera offshore
Ingri Murcia

Ingry Murcia

Auditoría financiera Onshore

Support Department

Miguel Sastoque

Miguel Sastoque

Traductor oficial
Alejandro Camargo

Alejandro Camargo

Ingeniero Consultor PMP, Auditor ISO 27001

Our records and licenses

Australian Visa, Work, Live, Study, Migrate to Australia


Permítenos asesorarte sin costo

Visa para trabajar y vivir en Australia

NOTA: El programa de migración calificada está diseñado para profesionales titulados menores de 44 años interesados en migrar solo o con su grupo familiar. Se requiere una inversión económica de acuerdo a la Visa o proceso elegido. No se ofrecen puestos laborales. Aplican condiciones y restricciones de ley.


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