De estudiante a Residente

From a Student to a Resident

Australia offers several ways for students and other temporary residents that want to have a permanent residence visa. Partner visas, job offers, ventures and nomination plans by the states in the GSM program, are some of the options open for the students.

Within these options we highlight the state nomination programs, because they allow a student to use his/her studies to require state nomination as a state graduate.

Additionally, the Australian studies are a factor that grants a score to these GSM visas.

Australian Studies grants 5 points and if they are taken in the regional area, they generate 5 additional points.

The states may nominate for 190 and 491 visas, professionals and technicians in all the list of the MLTOL, STOL and ROL programs.

visa Australiana para parejas

This regional visas allow implementing the current Government policy to clear the main cities (Melbourne, Sydney y Brisbane) and to promote the arrival of skilled migrants to the rest of the country.

Each state has developed its own programs: they autonomously choose the occupations that want to attract and the requirements that the candidates must meet. The variety of programs generates many opportunities to get the permanent residence.

trabajar en Australia atención personalizada

Although not all the states offer all the options, this state nomination plans may be grouped into 4 categories:

a. Offshore Migration: for people outside Australia

b. Migration due to study: for people who complete 1 or 2-year courses in the state.

c. Migration for work: for people that work in the state. (It is an excellent option for those with a graduate visa or in working Holiday visas)

d. Small Business: for entrepreneurs that begin or acquire a small company.


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