Profesionales y técnicos más demandados

Most demanded professionals and technicians

The Australian Government has a migration program that attracts hundreds of professionals and technicians from around the world with skills and knowledge required by the country’s economic development. These professionals may apply for their Australian Visa

This program is called:

GSM (General Skilled Migration) which year after year publishes the required skills lists called occupations demanded in Australia, i.e. the most relevant occupations for the country.

The occupation that a person has is defined by their studies and work experience.

This is one of the widest paths to obtain a  residency in Australia, which may be done from your country of residence or being in Australia, according to each person’s profile and to the type of list where the occupation is demanded. It is necessary to assess your case to determine the best path.

Both, the Australian federal government and state governments may publish their own migration programs and its demanded occupation lists, respectively.

The demanded occupation lists are annually renewed by the Australian Government (Medium & Long Term Strategic Skilled List    and the state lists may be renewed during the year according to their own migration policies.

The occupations in this list   MLTSSL   list allow the application for a visa to   Australia   as an independent professional 189, i.e., without the need for a state nomination, or  it may also be through the sponsorship of an illegible relative  (visa 489) that lives in Australia under certain characteristics.

Some of the occupations that may be found in this list are:

  • Construction projects manager
  • Civil, industrial, mechanical, or production engineering, among other related ones.
  • Psychology
  • Architecture, and others; to see the full list, click Here.  
  • Among many others 
  • to see the full list, click  Here.

Short Term Skilled Occupations List (STSOL)

This list is prepared with the support of the work department to determine the occupations that have been identified as missing in the short-term. The Australian states use this list to prepare their own migration programs and to determine their occupations in demand at each one of them. To check the occupations in demand at each Australian state, it is necessary to know their specific migration programs, which are published in their own websites.

Migra y vive en Australia

Some of the occupations that may be found in this list are:

  • Cattler
  • Farmer
  • Marketing and advertisement manager
  • Industrial designer
  • Technicians
  • Among many others; to see the complete list, click Here.

In addition, you must know that the states have several skilled migration programs (offshore, through studies, through work, among others), and may publish a different list for each one of them with the list specific requirements.

It is important to consider that, although your occupation may appear in any of the lists, it is necessary to analyze the case in a personal and global manner, because the feasibility of a migration process depends on the compliance with the requirements of the Australian Government and of each state and the validation entity for the occupation selected.

This allows assessing the entire feasibility of the case to begin with the migration process and avoid setbacks.

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