Policies on Our Services

Políticas de Nuestro Servicio

RC AUSTRALIA lives for SERVING and SERVING well our community (our internal and external clients). This is our function as a company and of each member of our team.

Our good service is expected to achieve our Client’s satisfaction based on:

Policies on Our Services

Acting always in the best interest of the client: Understanding his/her expectations, guiding him/her through the realities of the external circumstances (code of conduct, current legislation, client’s benefit), being clear on what might be achieved and the scope of our services. Not assuming commitments not possible to be met. Honesty and professionalism are an important part of our service policies.

“A NO at the review of our clients’ expectations and projects is also beneficial in their intention to attain the Visa to live in Australia

· Achievement of expected results: Permanent training, teamwork and our experience give us the tools to make the best decisions. We are aware that the changes to the policies of the entities involved are not up to us.

Our clients’ projects approved by our company to be processed, are carried out under the following parameters to achieve the objectives:

Being efficient and effective in the achievement of the goals agreed with the client, which involve attaining the Australian Visa in any modality, applications at the various validation entities or any other services agreed between the parties. Achieving the results within the quality standards established.

Efficient (how we do what we do): Do everything well from the first time. Attention to the details. Previous study of the aspects to be managed. Preparation. Preparation. Commitment to be well trained and up-to-date Never miss the team review policy and the approval by the migration agent and the client. Having our process and human talent team aligned with the policies of the code of conduct that regulate our service.

Effective: Achieving results because we have the necessary planning, strategy, creativity, resourcefulness, processes and automation.

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