Why study in Australia?

Estudiar en Australia

AUSTRALIA – The country that allows you to take your education, professional and life plans to the next level

Take advantage of the opportunities

  • Study, work and enjoy Australia (student visa)
  • Work as a skilled professional (graduate visa) for up to 4 years
  • Open your migration options for your residence

Australia offers a wide variety of courses for international students at all levels and costs, which allows that your dreams in Australia meet your needs and that you turn your dreams true to prepare abroad and live the Australian experience.

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  • From English courses to PhD’s, in addition to specializations, technical courses and master’s degrees. Australian education has grown in reputation throughout the world, initially in Asia and now in Latin America.

Studying in Australia offers several advantages to international students:

  • It is a safe country with very low crime rates
  • There is no discrimination of foreigners; instead, Latin American students are welcomed.
  • The student visa allows the student and his/her partner to work up to 40 hours per fortnight. This work opportunity is enriching for the life experience in Australia and in addition, it substantially reduces the net cost of studying abroad.
  • – In some specific courses, a study visa will open the door for a graduate visa that allows you to remain in Australia working with no restrictions for a period of up to 4 years (the graduate visa has specific eligibility conditions; please, check them before defining your study plan).
  • Some Australian states and territories have access programs to permanent or temporary residence visas for students that graduate in their cities. This migration program through study is one of the most successful programs of the country.

Studying in Australia is subject to several conditions, like the following:

  • Evidence of existence and access to financial resources directed to pay for your course and maintenance at least during the first year, and your plane ticket.
  • Genuine Temporary Entry criteria ( GTE)
  • Evidence of ties with your home country (country of residence) and the intention to return there after the academic preparation in Australia.
  • Migration history.

Study in Australia assessed by RC AUSTRALIA

  1. We will represent you as your migration agents to lodge your visa, which means experience and professional knowledge in the visa application.
  2. We will advice which are the most convenient courses for your academic and financial purposes.
  3. Integral Assessment: Our knowledge as migration agents allows us to advise you on the most beneficial course that opens the doors to apply for your residence visa, or for any other visa, as we are familiar with the legislation for each one of them according to the plans you may have with Australia.
  4. Our agreements with the education institutions in Australia allow us to provide excellent discounts, scholarships and financing.
  5. We will process your application at the education institution you may select and the visa application with the Australian Government.
  6. Advise and support in the process to:

      • Purchase insurance policies
      • Purchase plane tickets
      • Lodging
Estudia en Australia
    • Airport pick-up
    • First day support in Australia
    • Opening a bank account
    • Registration at basic entities

How To Develop Your Study Plan

  1. Schedule Your Free Appointment To Receive Information And Initial Assessment
  2. Select The Course According To Your Needs
  3. Assess Your Case Feasibility With The Course Selected
  4. Gather Documentation; Apply At The Institution
  5. Gather Documentation and Apply to your visa
  6. Prepare Your Trip And Arrival

Start Your Study Project

Schedule your free appointment to receive information and initial assessment

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Visa para trabajar y vivir en Australia

NOTA: El programa de migración calificada está diseñado para profesionales titulados menores de 44 años interesados en migrar solo o con su grupo familiar. Se requiere una inversión económica de acuerdo a la Visa o proceso elegido. No se ofrecen puestos laborales. Aplican condiciones y restricciones de ley.

ADVERTENCIA: Esto no es una oferta de empleo.

Visa para trabajar y vivir en Australia

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