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Visas for fiancées and partners of citizens or permanent residents. The legislation permits that the Australian citizens and permanent residents sponsor their partners when they have a different nationality in order to apply for their resident visa. Such visa covers both, marriages and de facto relationships. These visas give an equal treatment to the relationships of couples of the same sex.

This way, it is possible to obtain an Australian visa as a husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, or a de facto partner with a temporary residence, and after complying with a series of requirements, obtain a permanent Australian visa when the time requirement is met.

These visas were structured into two stages as from July 2019: in the first one, the Australian citizen or the permanent resident presents him/herself to be approved as a sponsor; once he/she is approved, in the second stage, the partner’s application is lodged

The partner’s visa has two stages: a temporary one, for no less than two years, after which the applicant is illegible for the permanent residence

Partner visas are one of the visas with the toughest controls and scrutiny by the Department of Home Affairs. They are subject to the compliance of a series of requirements not only by the applicant, but also in respect to the authenticity of the relationship. On the other hand, it is also one of the most expensive visa categories; and thus, applying for it without the appropriate assessment implies not only risking the expectations but also time and money.

How to receive an Australia visa for a partner?

The Department of Home Affairs takes around 18 months to assess the applications for partner visas. This long period is due to the comprehensiveness and thoroughness they employ in confirming the truthfulness and authenticity of the relationship, as swell as the suitability of the sponsor and the applicant.

The documentation that must be submitted in support of the existence of the relationship will include varied aspects like financial, social and affective aspects, and the nature of the relationship and the engagement, to unequivocally prove it is an authentic relationship.

Depending on the partner visa you apply for, a temporary visa will be ordinarily be received first and then the permanent residence visa.

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At RC AUSTRALIA we are experts in Couple visas. It is necessary to evaluate your case to define the viability of the visa and if both members of the couple meet the conditions in order to avoid inconveniences and future denials.

Evaluamos tu caso para definir la viabilidad de obtención de tu visa de residencia Australiana.

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