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Australia is one of the most attractive countries when considering studying abroad. Most of the countries require the Visa 500 to enter in Australia as a student.

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Some of the main requirements for the Visa 500 are:

• To be enrolled in a study course in Australia

• To have student medical coverage abroad (OSHC) or to be part of one of the categories exempted

• You must be 6 years old or older

• You must prove that you have a social assistance arrangement if you are below 18 years old


• With this visa you can:

– Take part of an eligible study course in Australia

– Travel in and out of Australia.

– Work up to 49 hours every 2-week period once the course starts

• Study for up to 5 years and according to your enrollment The type of course and its duration shall determine how long you may stay.

Elementary school children enrolled in the grades 1-4 will in general receive a student visa for a period up to 3 years.

• You may include your family members when you submit your visa application. in the case of a student visa, your family members are:

– Your spouse, or

– Your dependent children, or of your spouse if not married, who is not 18 years old yet.

The family members may also apply as subsequent participants (in the future, separate from your application).

Family members that apply for a visa must meet their own health and character requirements.

There are annual school costs that you shall pay in order for the dependent children to attend public or private schools in Australia.

• To continue studying in Australia, you must apply for a new student visa.

• You may be in or out of Australia when you apply for the visa and when your application is resolved.

• Every visa has an average processing time that is permanently issued and updated by the Australian Government. These times must be considered to adequately plan your study project.

• Bundled courses: you may plan to take more than one course to apply for a single visa. You shall have a Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) for each course. The last course taken as part of the bundled package is your main study course that will be used to define the financial evidence and English proficiency skill you shall provide.

Edúcate en Australia en Australia

• Your obligations: You and your family shall comply with the visa conditions and observe the Australian laws. What conditions will and might be attached to this visa.

• You may travel our of Australia and return as many times as you wish while the visa is valid. The time you spend out of Australia does not extend your visa.

• Visa Stamp/Label: It shall be digitally attached to your passport. You will not receive any actual label in your passport

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Studying in Australia is subject to several conditions, like the following:

• Declaration and/or evidence of existence and access to financial resources directed to pay for your course and maintenance, at least during the first year, and your plane ticket. (Depends on your nationality)

• Genuine statement to travel with the intention to study; Genuine Temporary Entry criteria ( GTE)

• Evidence of the bond with your home country (country of residence) and the intention to return after the academic preparation in Australia.

• Migration records.

• Among others.

If you wish to apply for a student visa, contact us to for an assessment, free of charge as your migration agents.

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NOTA: El programa de migración calificada está diseñado para profesionales titulados menores de 44 años interesados en migrar solo o con su grupo familiar. Se requiere una inversión económica de acuerdo a la Visa o proceso elegido. No se ofrecen puestos laborales. Aplican condiciones y restricciones de ley.

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