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Validation of Degrees in Australia

The validation of professional degrees in Australia is one of the most critical elements of the migration process to Australia and to obtain a resident visa for professionals in Australia. As from July 2011, the degree validation process includes an assessment on the applicant’s professional experience (point test advice) that DIAC will use as an assessment to grant, or not, the points allocated in the 60-points model for the professional experience related to the occupation nominated.

In RC AUSTRALIA, we have accumulated years of very valuable experience representing the interests of our clients at the Australian validation entities, like at the Department of home Affairs, that we make available to you. We also make available a team of professionals specialized on the validation of occupation of Australia in the different areas of the industry. the following are some important points that we believe are of great importance.

  • We have in our team a PMP CONSULTING ENGINEER with a vast experience directing research projects and professional reports, who assists our clients in the writing of the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) necessary to validate engineering degrees in Australia at Engineers Australia and obtain your resident visa.
  • We have a professional in IT, whose mission is to assess the system graduates interested in migrating to Australia with a resident visa, which process has become more complex, to select the occupation and evidence your experience.
  • We have an ARCHITECT that assists our clients in the preparation of their portfolios and academic information necessary to achieve the validation of architects in Australia for professionals related to construction.
  • We have experts on ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE to assess the professionals in these disciplines who would like to validate their professional degree in Australia.

If you would like more information on the personalized assessment of your case, contact us at, or contact us from your city.

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